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Atlas Insurance Partners gives insurance professionals industry access to most of the major insurance carriers. We specialize in large case placement, high net worth markets, and have extensive knowledge in writing foreign national insurance. Our firm is focused on providing the right combination of products and sales experience to ensure the client is receiving the very best recommendation.

Our member portal offers valuable business tools, illustration softwares, personalized marketing material, in-depth sales presentations, and in-house underwriting services. Members also have the added benefit that comes with 35 years of professional relationships with our partner companies.

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  • Access to International Insurance Markets
  • Foreign National Insurance Specialists
  • Experts in the Affluent High Net Worth Markets
  • Sales Concept & Strategy
  • Large Case/Advanced Sales
  • Reliable and Timely Turnaround
  • Preferred Access to Top Rated Carriers
  • Diversify Your Sales through New Lines of Business
  • Enhance Value to Your Clients with Broader Product Selection