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Life Insurance Products

Whole Life

Whole Life Insurance offers guaranteed premiums & cash values that grow every year.

Universal Life

A flexible permanent life insurance policy providing low-cost protection.

Term Life

Life Insurance offering a fixed amount of payments and protection for a limited period of time.

Other Products


Low-risk investment product that offers future benefit over a period of time.

Malpractice Insurance

Protects individuals and companies in the professional sector against the risk of lawsuit due a negligence or breach of duty.

Disability Income

Disability Income insurance pays the insured benefits if they cannot work due to an injury or illness.

Long-term Care

Long-term care (LTC) provides protection for individuals who can no longer care of themselves.

Kidnap & Ransom

Protection against kidnapping, ransom & extortion by providing financial indemnification and expert crisis management.

Critical Illness

Insurance Coverage incase the insured is diagnosed with one of the predetermined specific illnesses.

Impaired Risk

Solutions for high-risk individuals who are denied life insurance coverage due to illness.

Accidental Death

Accidental Death insurance covers your death as a result of a covered accident.