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Foreign National Market

Foreign Nationals with ties to the United States may have a need for U.S. life insurance. High net worth individuals all over the globe travel and look to the United States for wealth and asset protection. Many of the financial challenges facing foreign nationals can be planned for using U.S. life insurance.

Foreign nationals or Non-U.S. residents with significant U.S. assets or property may have some tax planning issues. Atlas Insurance Partners has over 3 decades of experience helping high net worth foreign nationals obtain U.S. life insurance. Our members have access to many of the largest carriers writing foreign national business. Best part is, U.S. carriers are establishing more flexible underwriting guidelines and raising auto retention limits in order to capture more of this market niche.

Foreign National Case Support

Our insurance professionals understand can help you with any foreign national case or planning issue: estate/tax planning, wealth transfer, asset preservation strategies, business succession planning, and key man insurance.

We understand foreign national cases pose additional underwriting concerns with regard to the country of residence, travel history, financial circumstances, medical records, and ownership structure. Let us extend our 35 years’ experience to ensure your foreign national cases are submitted as thoroughly and underwritten to the best possible outcome for your clients.